First and Foremost, a Teacher

November 13, 2017

Teacher-Student Spotlight

Lindsay Player serves in an integral position for Musical Empowerment as one of the leading organizations at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, but teaching is her priority. It’s where it all started for her. As a senior, Lindsay has been teaching since her freshman year. She tells us, “I have always felt that first and foremost I am Matthew’s teacher. Teaching is my priority.” Lindsay and Matthew have been working together for three years. Matthew Jean-Charles is a energetic, animated fourth grader who really enjoys working with Lindsay.

In his free time, he teaches himself video game theme songs on the piano, such as the themes from “Kirby” and “Angry Birds.”

Darline, Matthew’s mother is especially pleased with Matthew and Lindsay’s musical relationship. “I just love the way he has grown music-wise and how they work together. It is the perfect match: this type of relationship between the two of them. I love the idea of having her as his teacher. She has stuck with him and grown with him… It’s been a great ride… I love it.”

Matthew’s growth is most apparent to Lindsay during recitals. “The first [recital] he was so nervous… and then this last one he was like, ‘it’s no big deal.’ He just walked up there… he’s so confident now!” Lindsay’s favorite part of teaching Matthew has been witnessing his growth as a musician, person, and performer.

Serving as co-president of Musical Empowerment at UNC-Chapel Hill has allowed her to not only see the value of her service, but also the positive impact of all of those involved. She is currently in the process of pairing students with teachers and admires the dedication shown by the teachers and students.

“Some have been working together for six years. It’s nice to see the impact of the organization from such a wide lens,” said Lindsay.

Musical Empowerment has recently undergone growth and development to create a National Headquarters, with the intention of spreading its mission to other college campuses across the United States. It strives to provide children in marginalized communities with the opportunity to learn music through the volunteered mentorship of UNC-Chapel Hill students.

Lindsay tells us that this year, the leadership team the UNC-Chapel Hill chapter of Musical Empowerment anticipates supporting 125 pairs of teachers and students working together on a weekly basis.

With supportive parents like Darlene, and dedicated teacher-student pairs like Lindsay and Matthew, it is no wonder Musical Empowerment is extending its reach across the country!

Pictured below: Matthew performed at Musical Empowerment at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Fall Recital on Saturday, November 11. He performed Bach’s “Prelude I in C Major.”

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