Teacher-Student Spotlight: Practice Makes Perfect

April 16, 2015

Our Student-Teacher spotlight for April is Katharine and her students Joshua and Josiah! Katharine is a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill and has taught Josiah and Joshua piano for the past four years. These three are extremely hard working and dedicated. Josiah is currently working on a piece by Pachelbel while Joshua is working on a piece by Yiruma for the upcoming recital.

To give advice to other teachers, Katharine would recommend being creative when it comes to furthering the students’ understanding of things such as beats or counting, but would also put emphasis on getting to know the family. To give advice to other students, Joshua and Josiah would recommend practicing a lot! These three have fostered a wonderful relationship that has allowed them to see major improvement in Josiah and Joshua’s piano skills over the past four years. We are so thankful for our wonderful teachers and students! We are definitely going to miss Katharine next year!

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