Dartmouth College

Chapter Overview

Volunteers from Dartmouth College founded their chapter in 2016 as “Musical Empowerment of the Upper Valley”. Serving Dothon Brook Elementary School (in Vermont), the Dartmouth chapter’s goal is to provide high quality music instruction while forging thoughtful, genuine, and caring relationships between students and mentors. Pre-COVID, leadership arranged social events for mentors to reflect, bond, and brainstorm about their experiences and support student-mentor relationships through funding field trips to local concerts (such as the college symphony orchestra)! This chapter celebrates students’ dedication with 2 recitals each year. Lessons take place year-round from September to June and new student enrollment is open in the fall and winter quarters.  

Chapter History

Founded in 2016 by Matthew Goff ‘18 and Magdalena Raska ‘20, this chapter places special emphasis on the community for both teachers and students.


Prospective Mentors

New Mentor Application

Prospective Students and Families (English)

Prospective Students and Families Application

Prospective Students and Families (Spanish)

Spanish Application for New Students

Interested in Leadership?

Contact current President at dartmouth@musical-empowerment.org


Dothon Brook Elementary School